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Andy's Handy Store has been a landmark in the town of Yarmouth, Maine since 1935. 

It is our hope that we can return the once beloved Main St. institution back to a spot that truly provides the community with genuine service, convenience, everyday provisions, and quality food and drink. 

During the crippling global pandemic, the hospitality industry was decimated and so many small business owners were forced to shutter their life's work. Our catering company, Dandelion Catering, saw all of our weddings cancel, and our restaurant, The Garrison, saw it's dining room close.

It was during this time, simply out of survival, we launched an online market, Dandelion Market, and an indulgent burger and fry take-out operation, ThoroughFare.

As we navigated the required innovations to keep our catering company and restaurant alive, we realized there was an opportunity to take both new entities, born out of necessity, and create a new plan for them.

Our online market will grow into a neighborhood corner store, and ThoroughFare will serve it's burgers, fries, milkshakes, and ice cream from the take-out windows.

We love this community and are excited to contribute as much as we can to it.

- C+C

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Christian and Christine Hayes launched Dandelion Catering in 2008 and built a full service catering company steeped in their humble approach to quality food and drink.


The Garrison is an intimate restaurant that sits on the Royal River in the historic Sparhawk Mill in Yarmouth, Maine.

Chef Christian Hayes and team create their blend of thoughtful food and drink inspired by Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Since day one, Sous Chef Michael Levesque has cultivated their growing garden outside the dining room, inspiring and changing the menu often.

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Launched as an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic and temporary closure of The Garrison's intimate dining room, Chef Christian Hayes made a 180 degree pivot to an indulgent take out operation that provided comfort food that traveled well and scratched that fast food itch.

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